High Roller Tiki Lounge: Rockabilly in Wine Country, Island Style

Turning rockabilly into tiki, Gold Sheep was brought on to rebrand and pivot an established Solvang winery and music venue already known worldwide for bending the rules of the traditional wine country experience. 

Through a new brand identity that captures the laid back, tropical vibes of the perfect getaway, visitors to the High Roller Tiki Lounge take home more than a few bottles of their favorite Cab. They take home an experience like no other found in wine country- which they can now shop online through a fun, user-friendly eCommerce website.

With a reimagined brand identity and streamlined website design, High Roller Tiki Lounge has boosted online conversion rates and sales, recovered abandoned carts, and has made the shopping and shipping of alcohol easier for both the business and the customers. Now visitors to the wine bar are able to shop their new favorite wines online and bring the tiki experience home.





Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

eCommerce Website Design

High Roller Tiki Bar Brand Strategy | Brand Design

Too Many Brand Directions, No Brand Identity

When you’re a world famous winery known for quality wines with a rockabilly swagger, too many brand directions lead to confusion. And this is what happened when Sort This Out Cellars, who had a variety of inconsistent branding options, pivoted to High Roller Tiki Lounge. But how do you translate a beloved brand into a new venture without losing customer loyalty? With a cohesive brand strategy and design that combines retro island vibes with a high roller aesthetic.


Determine the brand story and how to best illustrate this story visually

Design a consistent brand identity system that combines aesthetics with messaging

Develop brand touchpoints to immerse guests in the tiki experience

Design an eCommerce website so wine bar visitors can shop their new favorite wines at home

High Roller Tiki Brand Strategy

HRTL's Place in Wine Country

When you think wine country, you don’t think tiki or Vegas. And that’s High Roller Tiki Lounge’s x-factor. When everything else closes at 6:00, the lounge goes into full swing, and we wanted to capitalize on this in a fun way to tell the brand’s unique story. Every bit of design, copy, and marketing was planned out with this goal in mind.

Merging Casino Life with Tiki Culture

The design discovery phase was spent pulling inspiration from both mid-century tiki culture print and environmental design and Vegas jet setting imagery. Gold Sheep Design took on the challenge to modernize an existing brand that has always stood out in the small tourist town of Solvang, yet was lacking a distinctive and consistent identity presence. We kept the nostalgia but took the brand out of the 50s.

High Roller Tiki Brand Identity Inspiration

Logo variations were developed to ensure consistency throughout all use cases.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Lets Get Lei'd | 1 Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Hey Big Spender | 1 Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Wine Beer Tiki | 1 Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Know When To Hold 'Em, When To Fold 'Em | 1 Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Lets Get Lei'd | Full Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Hey Big Spender | Full Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Wine Beer Tiki | Full Color
High Roller Tiki Lounge Know When To Hold 'Em, When To Fold 'Em | Full Color

H1, cta's: Lowdrag Extended

H2-h4, body: Ubuntu

Taking the Experience Home

High Roller Tiki Lounge’s guests are a bit atypical of the usual wine country- goers. They see themselves as part of a nostalgic tribe looking to connect with a like-minded community. So while other wine bars in the area serve up wine, High Roller Tiki Lounge serves up wine, cocktails, and merchandise for an impactful and lasting customer experience.

High Roller Tiki Lounge T-Shirt
High Roller Tiki_Lounge Pins
High Roller Tiki Lounge Matchbook

Bringing the Brand to the Lounge

With the new rebrand, High Roller Tiki Lounge decided to start fresh with a new location. We provided additional environmental and print design concepts for the lounge once the new location details are finalized.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Coasters
High Roller Tiki Lounge Beer Tap
High Roller Tiki Lounge Signage

Taking the Tiki Experience Online

While the new location was under construction and COVID delayed its reopening, a new website design was a high-priority to keep the sales rolling and the wine flowing. The almost 20-year-old original website was scrapped to make room for a mobile and user-friendly shopping experience. While this led to happier customers, it also led to the lounge owner to make website modifications himself on a platform meant for eCommerce.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Website

Easier Shopping for Higher Conversion

Shipping alcohol is a challenge. Various plugins were explored and tested to find the perfect combination for streamlined shopping and shipping with a strict set of legal boundaries.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Welcome Gate

Welcome Gate

Every website selling regulated products needs age verification upon entry of site, which we kept on brand.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Website Strategy Flowmap

Shipping Rules Flow Map

High Roller Tiki Lounge only ships wine within a certain range, but merchandise can ship anywhere, leading to a very complicated set of shipping rules and rates. These were mapped out and tested before launch, as were several bottles of wine.

High Roller Tiki Lounge Out-of-State Popup

Out of State Pop-Up & Bar

High Roller Tiki Lounge was losing sales due to the lack of clarity in their third-party shipping for out-of-state orders. We tested various design elements, such as an announcement bar on each page and an exit-intent pop up window letting shoppers know the additional shipping capabilities.

The Results

Online sales are up, cart abandonment issues from out-of-zone shipping have been handled, and a 1993 brand and website are now updated and ready for the new lounge’s grand reopening.

“Gold Sheep took care of everything we needed and continue to be there for us to answer questions and assist with small issues that are always bound to arise.”

Michael Cobb – Owner


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