What Legally Blonde Can Teach You About Marketing Your Creative Business

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Part two in the StoryBrand Framework is the problem. You are in the business of solving your clients’ problems.

But here’s where so many creative business owners get stuck.

They want to identify all the problems that their clients are facing on their website.

They don’t narrow it down to just one core problem that is the root of all their other problems. They lay it all out there. 

And when you lay out every single little problem people could be facing, you’re 1) overwhelming people with words they don’t want to read and 2) leaving room for objections if someone comes across something that doesn’t fit their situation.

Your clients are like Elle Woods.

In Legally Blonde, Elle has one problem.

She needs to prove that she’s got what it takes to become a successful lawyer.

Yes, she needs to make sure she passes her classes, and yes there’s the love interest situation (it’s a Reese Witherspoon rom/com all), but all of this is rooted in one problem, and one problem only.

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Frodo needs to destroy the ring.

Ariel is stuck living the life of a mermaid.

Cinderella spends all her time cleaning up after her advantageous step family.

There is something in the way of the hero (your clients and customers) getting what they want, and when you show them that you can solve their problem, you’ll book more of your ideal clients.

Let’s dive in to how solving one problem applies to your website.

Identifying the Problem Principle #1: Your clients have a villain.

Every great hero has a villain.

In the case of Elle Woods, the villain is the societal stereotype that pretty blondes are stupid and incapable of being taken seriously.

What is the villain of your brand? What is your client fighting?

Let’s look at some client examples:

LeAnn Conway is an image consultant who’s clients want to feel confident and put-together. The villain is their wardrobe. It’s stuffed full of clothes that don’t make them feel like a million bucks.

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Jessica McClendon is an interior designer who’s clients want a home that’s unique and makes their hearts and eyeballs sing. But the villain is boredom. The decisions they’ve made for their homes are boring, boring, boring.

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Carla Erskin is a business coach who’s clients want to be their own boss. But that 9-5 keeps getting in their way of creating a business that’s profitable.

When you identify what the villain in your clients’ story is, your website will have so much more clarity. Everything will have a purpose- to help your clients slay their villain and win the day.

Identifying the Problem Principle #2: People buy for internal reasons

Your clients and customers are all needing something external, but they purchase for internal reasons. 

Elle Woods needs to win her case but she’s full of doubt.

LeAnn Conway’s clients need a wardrobe that works for their life and body, but they aren’t confident in their choices or their body.

People that hire Jessica McClendon want a home that reflects their personal style but they feel intimidated with bold choices.

Carla Erskin’s side hustlers need a plan to quit their 9-5, but they’re feeling lost.

Identify the internal problem that your clients and customers are facing. Slip the internal problem into the copy on your homepage and let people know how you can help rid their frustrations with your products and services. 

Identifying the Problem Principle #3: Get philosophical

You know what?

It’s just downright wrong that people thought Elle Woods wasn’t good enough to become a lawyer just because she’s pretty and blonde and bubbly.

Now we’re getting into the philosophical problem.

Why is it just wrong that your clients are struggling with their problem?

This level of problem solving works magic, especially in creative fields when the problem might not be earth shattering.

Here’s how the philosophical problem works when put into action in website copy:

You shouldn’t have to change your life and your body to feel confident in your appearance.

You shouldn’t have to live in a home that doesn’t bring you joy.

You shouldn’t let your 9-5 get in the way of becoming your own boss.

This is the, “Hell yeah!” moment on your website. The moment that inspires action!

storybrand framework philosophical problem

Above all else, remember that you solve one problem! Make it clear.

Get to the root problem your clients are facing, identify how it’s making them feel, and shout out why this is just wrong. Get these layers of conflict onto your homepage and people will think you’re a mind reader and that you’re just the brand they’ve been looking for!

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