Daenerys Targaryen Would Be A Horrible Business Owner

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Part one in the StoryBrand Framework is all about positioning your clients as customers as the hero. Because every great story starts with a normal person that achieves success, wins the day, and becomes a hero.

And well…this didn’t happen with Daenerys Targaryen.

Oh Daenerys. I rooted for you. I named my dog after you. You were my girl. You broke my heart.

storybrand framework game of thrones hero

You had to have things your way.

You went around spouting out all of your accomplishments.

Breaker of chains. Mother of Dragons. Bend the knee. Blah, blah, blah.

storybrand framework game of thrones

To fill any of you in that aren’t familiar with the Game of Thrones character, she was on a voyage to rule Westeros and to take back the Iron Throne. The thing is she went full on crazy, killed basically everyone who disagreed with her, didn’t listen to her guide (big mistake), and was killed by the man that loved her.

She would have made a horrible business owner.

Can you imagine hiring someone like her to do a service for you? Heaven forbid you disagree with her!

storybrand framework never play the hero

And positioning your clients and customers as the hero, and not yourself, is the first part in the StoryBrand Marketing Framework and here’s why it’s so important.

You Shouldn’t Play the Hero Because Heroes are Weak

storybrand framework hero
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Think about any hero from the stories you love.

Harry Potter. Luke Skywalker. Captain Marvel. King George VI in The King’s Speech. Katniss Everdeen.

Potential- yes.

The Ultimate Transformation-no.

They all have a long way to go before they reach their aspirational identity.

Harry Potter has to become a great wizard.

Luke Skywalker has to become a Jedi.

Carol Danvers has to become Captain Marvel.

King George has to become a great leader.

Katniss Everdeen has to become a victor and the eventual Mockingjay.

When you play the hero, you’re putting it out there that you haven’t figured it out yet!

You Shouldn’t Play the Hero Because Your Clients Wants to Be the Hero

Clients want a transformation.

They want to be a hero.

And there can only be one hero.

Hence Daenerys wanting to kill off all competition for the throne. I mean, when she found out that Jon Snow was her nephew, she was more concerned about him taking her throne than she was about them sleeping together! Priorities girl, priorities! 

Great stories have one hero, and if you go around playing the hero, people will see that you’re brand already has a hero and they’ll go find a business that will make them the hero.

You Shouldn’t Play the Hero Because Heroes Don’t Pay Attention to Other’s Needs

Back to the sad situation that is the ending of Game of Thrones.

Daenerys didn’t care about anyone- ever.

She just cared about what she could get out of it.

Looking back, she freed people from slavery so she could add another title to her name. So she could have more people bend the knee.

When you play the hero, you leave no room for other people’s needs.

storybrand framework heroes are weak

It’s your way or the highway. Or in Daenerys’ case, it was her way or death by dragon fire.

And positioning yourself as the hero is seriously off-putting. Nobody likes anyone that thinks that highly of themselves.

So always play the guide and help your clients become the hero of their story, and watch your business grow!

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