Eva Ocean: A Celestial Disco Rebrand

Eva Ocean had a major disconnect- her brand identity screamed, “Hire me for your next wedding,” but she’s not a wedding singer. Her vibe is more high-stakes corporate events, where major deals are won or lost, and the perfect atmosphere is essential. By reworking both her messaging by understanding her client’s needs, and redesigning her identity based upon her authentic style, Gold Sheep provided Eva with the tools she needed to take on the corporate event scene in Austin, Texas.





Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Website Messaging Concepts

No More Weddings!

Eva Ocean knew what types of venues she wanted more of- and it wasn’t weddings. But her current brand strategy and identity design was filled with bridal messaging and millennial pink florals. Gold Sheep was brought on to reconnect her soulful sounds with an authentic brand story and identity system that was true to her musical point of view that also aligned with her new target clientele.



Eva Ocean Branding Logo Design


Craft messaging that will encapsulate a premium entertainment experiences

Move the brand away from the wedding party space

Create a visual identity in-line with an eclectic sound

A Celestial Disco Identity

We didn’t want to go full corporate, but we also couldn’t go heavy rocker. The logo lockups feature type that is clean and modern, keeping in-line with the needs of Eva’s corporate clients, but energy was added by customizing the type to create a more electrifying, disco quality the singer strives for.

Eva Ocean Branding Logo System Design
Eva Ocean Branding Album Cover
Eva Ocean Musician Branding Logo Motorcycle Helmet
Eva Ocean Musician Branding Logo_Guitar Pick

Getting to Know the Customer: The Brand Commitment Matrix

During strategy sessions, the Gold Sheep team worked with Eva to develop her brand story- who she is, who her customers are, and how they work together in her brand ecosystem.

Eva Ocean Brand Strategy Guide

Moody Color and Type

Veering as far away from the bridal aesthetic as possible, the Eva Ocean color palette is heavily inspired by the glowing colors of the disco era. Teals and blues provide the relaxed vibe Eva was striving for, while a jolt of chartreuse adds just the right amount of energy, along with a bold display typeface for various graphics.

Eva Ocean Brand Submark On Color System - Electric Tint
Eva Ocean Brand Submark On Color System - Electric
Eva Ocean Brand Submark On Color System - Ocean
Eva Ocean Musician Guitar Branding Photography

H1: Decolot (modified)

Eva Ocean Brand Font System H1

H2-H4, CTA's: Futura

Eva Ocean Brand Font System H2-4 - Bold
Eva Ocean Brand Font System H2-4 - Book


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