MarcellaInc: Sparking a Revolution

MarcellaINC is on a mission to change the landscape of the retail world, one small business owner at a time. That made our mission easy- to develop a brand strategy and identity design that connects this experienced streetwear insider with her customer base- women who are over the millennial pink marketing of the moment. The result is a personal brand identity and touchpoint plan that is 100% MarcellaInc that also attracts the values and needs of her customers.





Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

Personal Style Discovery

Brand Identity Design

Marketing Collateral

Disrupting the Retail Space

MarcellaINC has years of experience as a sales rep in the streetwear world- all the marketing know-how and industry knowledge. Now she wanted to strike out on her own with courses and content to help small business owners in the apparel space create their own empires and break through the barriers of corporate retail. She came to us to develop her personal brand into a revolutionary powerhouse with the ultimate goal of reaching women neglected by the current sugary-pink, lady-boss marketing.


MarcellaINC Logo OLD - BEFORE


MarcellaINC Logo NEW


Develop a brand strategy that bridges Marcella’s expertise with the needs of female business owners in the lifestyle apparel space 

Create a visual identity that stands out from the corporate world and appeals to women overlooked in the current marketing

Design a capabilities deck that appeals to current and future corporate business relations

A Different Kind of Customer

Identifying and researching the needs of the MarcellaINC customer base was essential in order to create touchpoints that matter. Through various exercises, we got to know the MarcellaINC customer and match her needs with the values and identity of the brand while also determining what types of content and products matter most.

Marcella Inc Brand Strategy Deck

The Stylescapes: Striking the Right Balance

After brand strategy, we knew that MarcellaINC’s new identity design needed to be empowering for her customers. But given that this is a personal brand, it had to feel right for our client, who loves all things groovy, 70s, and funky. After various personal style development activities, we came up with three concepts to explore- each leaning in to various aspects of the brand. Ultimately, MarcellaINC went with a board that felt like her and provided a style that is equal parts confident and soulful.


Marcella Inc Brand Stylescape Mild

Stylescape 1: Rock ‘N Roll Soul

Marcella Inc Brand Stylescape Medium

Stylescape 2: Let the Good Times Roll

Marcella Inc Brand Stylescape Spicy

Stylescape 3: New Wave Disco


Marcella Inc Brand Stylescape Final

Final Stylescape: Rhythm & Soul

The Identity System: A Personal Exploration

MarcellaINC loves hip hop, space travel, and streetwear, so we provided various logos that encapsulated each while still maintaining her brand ethos. She ultimately chose an interlocking wordmark that highlights the strength and energy of her brand.

Brand style guidelines were established so MarcellaINC can easily work with vendors or create her own marketing pieces. Various merchandise concepts were explored to show her the possibilities of the brand in execution to further grow her brand awareness.

Marcella Inc Brand Identity Logo System
Marcella Inc Submark - Teal
Marcella Inc Submark - Light Pistachio
Marcella Inc Submark - Bronze
Marcella Inc Branding Style Guide
Marcella Inc Branding Design Cap
Marcella Inc Branding Design Skateboard
Marcella Inc Logo Design Neon Sign

The Brand Deck: Covering All the Bases

While MarcellaINC plans to launch her courses and content for others in the future, she is also realistic about the current COVID environment and knows she needs to keep her independent sales rep positions in place. We developed a brand deck to pitch to potential clients that details her experience and achievements while staying in-line with her new personal brand identity.

Marcella Inc Brand Design Deck Cover

“WORTH EVERY PENNY. You guys exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad I have an incredibly powerful, authentic, nostalgic, empowering, fucking badass brand foundation. I absolutely LOVE ALL OF THIS.”

Marcella Fredericks – Owner


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