Six Flags: Heroes and Villains

It’s a comic book kid’s dream! Our lead designer and illustrator, Nathan Owens, was asked to create illustrations of iconic DC Comics characters in his signature Trophy Head, metallic linework style for merchandise in Six Flags theme parks. While Six Flags provided the reference material, Gold Sheep added their creative spin on some of their most beloved characters, from Wonder Woman to The Joker, who made their appearance on shirts in the Six Flags theme parks nationwide.



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The Process Case Study: The Joker

Six Flags DC Illustration Inspiration Board

The Reference Photo Selection

It all starts with selecting the right reference. We received a set of reference photos to choose from and Nathan set out to imagine how each would look in his metallic linework style. He also took into consideration iconic imagery- like The Joker’s signature smile.

The Line Work

It all starts with choosing the defining lines for each particular piece. In the case of The Joker, that would be his wicked smile that defines the cheekbones, the lips, the outline of the nose, eyes and ears. Those are drawn using a custom line brush in Illustrator.

From there, internal lines are added at about 1/2 to 1/3 width to fill the remaining areas. The blend tool was used to create transition lines, but sometimes those need to be altered, depending on the area. All together- it’s a whole lot of MF lines.

Six Flags Joker Illustration Outline View

Color & Gradients

The last step is to fill in the color. We want to stay true to the reference material, so we eyedrop those colors, figure out the highlights, shadows, and midtones, and define the gradient. Then the gradient is applied to every line. Yes- every single line. Angles are adjusted as needed for the metallic treatment, giving the faces and logos that 3D effect.

Six Flags Joker Illustration Gradients

Heroes and Villains: The Collections

Batman Illustration

Six Flags Joker Illustration

The Joker Illustration

Six Flags Cyborg Illustration

Cyborg Illustration

Flash Illustration

Six Flags Wonder Woman Classic Illustration

Wonder Woman Illustration

Six Flags Wonder Woman Illustration

Wonder Woman (Variant)  Illustration

Six Flags Batman Logo Illustration

Batman Logo

Six Flags Superman Logo Illustration

Superman Logo

Six Flags Green Lantern Logo Illustration

Green Lantern Logo

Six Flags Wonder Woman Classic Logo Illustration

Wonder Woman Logo (Classic)

Six Flags Wonder Woman Logo Illustration

Wonder Woman Logo


Working on this project was a blast and it was an honor working with Six Flags to bring DC Comics to their parks.

Six Flags DC Joker Illustration Tee Shirt Design
Six Flags DC Superman Illustration Tee Shirt Design


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