Tiny Bubbles: No Validation Required

What do you do when the world shuts down because of a global pandemic? You work on that dream business you’ve been putting off! Gold Sheep Design was brought on to help the Tiny Bubbles founder bring her lifestyle brand to life and provide her with a platform to empower a group that current fashion marketing overlooks- the Gen-X woman.

Gold Sheep helped Tiny Bubbles narrow their focus, establish their voice and aesthetic, and refine a content and revenue plan that set up the founder to turn her blog hobby into a career. Now Tiny Bubbles is ready to take on the millennial influencers and raise the voices of Gen-X women who are tired of living life by society’s rules.





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Brand Identity Design


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Tiny Bubbles Dream To Life

Bringing a Decade Old Dream to Life

When Marcella Fredericks came to us, she had a big idea that she’d been holding on to for years. She dreamed of establishing herself as a fashion influencer- but of a different variety. She wanted to use her years of experience in the fashion industry to empower Gen-X women, a demographic overlooked in influencer marketing, to live life on their own terms. Marcella had a logo that felt off, and that’s all. She wanted to find her voice and create a brand that her community of day-drinking, anti-soccer moms could rally behind. So we set off!


Create a plan for becoming the first-mover in the vintage beach athleisure space serving Gen-X women

Develop a website that is an extension of the brand and serves as a home base for all Tiny Bubbles content

Design social media templates that are extension of the brand aesthetic while promoting memorability

The Brand Strategy

Through a series of online sessions (thanks COVID), Marcella worked with Gold Sheep’s brand strategist, Stephanie Owens, to craft Tiny Bubble’s core messaging, uncover insights into the various user profiles, and create a prioritized implementation plan for meeting the goals of both the brand and its audience.

Tiny Bubbles Brand Strategy Slides

The Positioning: Becoming the First Mover

The influencer space is noisy. And the world really doesn’t need another basic Instagram account that says nothing loudly. Through research and personal style discovery, we found space in the vintage athleisure space with a nostalgic spin that only a Gen-X woman would appreciate.

The Personality: Brand Attributes & Tagline

Through a series of activities, we uncovered the key pillars of Tiny Bubbles: Funky, Nostalgic, & Self-Expressive. This helped us define the brand’s personality: how the brand is to look, sound, and feel. We also developed a tagline that summarizes the spirit of the Tiny Bubbles woman.

The Stylescapes and The A-HA Moment

While presenting our exploration of three stylescapes that capture various directions the brand could go visually, Marcella had an epiphany. “I HATE PINK.” We had set out under the assumption that she wanted pink- she thought she wanted pink. Ultimately we decided upon a direction that captured the road trip, nostalgic vibe that appealed to her own aesthetic and that of her audience.


Tiny Bubbles Brand Stylescape - Mild

Stylescape 1: Sunset Chaser

Tiny Bubbles Brand Stylescape - Medium

Stylescape 2: Surf & Sand

Tiny Bubbles Brand Stylescape - Spicy

Stylescape 3: Shake Your Groove Thing


Final Stylescape: Surf & Sand

The Logo: Those Jackie Brown Vibes

We wanted each logo option to lean into three core brand motifs: nostalgia, funk, and beach. All of the options presented would work for the brand, it just depended on which area Marcella wanted to be the primary focus. In the end, she couldn’t stop coming back to the funky, Jackie Brown-inspired wordmark.

Tiny Bubbles Brand Identity Design Sketches

Logo Sketches

Logo Option 1

Logo Option 2

Logo Option 3



Tiny Bubbles In-Use Pins
Tiny Bubbles In-Use Tote Bag
Tiny Bubbles In-Use Patch

The Style Guide: Bringing the Brand to Life

We knew Marcella would be handing off a lot of design work to vendors for merchandise design and photography. We also wanted her to feel fully equipped to get the brand up and running on her own, so we developed an in-depth style guide that lays out exactly how to present the brand- from voice and messaging, to logo usage and photography style.

Tiny Bubbles Styleguide

“I’m literally tearing up reading the style guide. I had no idea how this would move my soul and I’m only on page seven. Gold Sheep has such a gift. Thank you!”

Marcella Fredericks – Owner

The Influencer Kit: Planning for the Future

From our strategy work we realized that Tiny Bubbles had big plans for social media. In order to ensure brand consistency and promote memorability, we designed custom graphic templates for YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest to help the brand stand out from overused marketplace designs.


Tiny Bubbles Youtube Banner Design



Tiny Bubbles Instagram Quote Template Design


Tiny Bubbles Pinterest Template Design

The Website Strategy: A Platform Fit For a Blogger

With a massive content plan ahead of Tiny Bubbles, we sketched out various wireframes to fit the needs of the brand as it is now, with blogging and thought pieces, and in the future, with style consultation services and products.

The Website Design: This Ain’t No Basic Template

Showit was ultimately decided upon for the website platform to allow our client customized design freedom without coding. Since the majority of the content for the site was still in the works when we designed the site, we created an easy-to-update template that will grow with the brand.

Tiny Bubbles Website Design


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