The StoryBrand Framework: How Developing a Brand is Basically the Plot of Star Wars

Storybrand Framework Rey Collage

There’s nothing like a great story to get people to stop and pay attention- and isn’t that what all small business owners want? To be seen, heard, and understood? And the StoryBrand Framework is designed to do just that.

There’s just too much noise out there. All kinds of businesses offering all kinds of stuff, and the only way to get through to people is either yell louder than everyone else (which is annoying- don’t do that) or invite your clients and customers into a story. Their story.

A story where they overcome their problems and are guided to having a better life with your products and services.

And that’s the essence of the StoryBrand Framework, the framework we use to help our clients amplify their brand awareness and grow their business through their websites.

It harnesses the power of classic storytelling and the hero’s journey and gives you seven marketing messages to use in all of your marketing to cut through the noise and invite people into a story that will transform their lives.

It’s a lot like Star Wars.

Let me take you on a journey!

storybrand framework star wars

Part 1: Along Comes a Hero

For purposes of this post, we’re going to focus on Rey, the hero of the latest iteration of Star Wars.

And Rey wants something.

storybrand framework star wars rey

Rey wants to find her place. She doesn’t know who she is. She wants to be a part of something other than just a junk trader.

The character in terms of your business is your clients and customers.

Your clients and customers are the hero and they want something.

This is a huge paradigm shift compared to traditional marketing advice. 

storybrand framework hero

Everything you create needs to focus on helping your clients become a hero in their life.

And before anyone starts getting upset about not getting to be the hero, hold on for a sec.

Heroes are weak!

Look at Rey in The Force Awakens. She has no idea what she’s doing, who she is, and how she fits into her world. She doesn’t even want to leave Jakku!

It is your job to help your clients become heroes, and you’re going to do that by using the seven messages in the StoryBrand Framework in all of your marketing.

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Part 2: Who Has a Problem (The Most Crucial in the StoryBrand Framework)

On the outside, Rey’s problem is she doesn’t know who she is.

This makes her feel alone.

And nobody should feel like they’re not enough and that they don’t belong.

storybrand framework problem

If you’re just focusing on what they want externally, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

People buy for internal reasons. To change they way they feel.

Rey isn’t becoming a Jedi to just find out who she is so she can be like, “Oh, hey! Cool. Now I know who I am.”

She wants to become a Jedi so she can end the loneliness and isolation of her life on Jakku. So she can become part of something bigger.

Make sure to address how your customers feel and how you can help.

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Part 3: And Then Meets a Guide (What Makes the StoryBrand Framework Different)

Okay- now here’s where you come in.

You’re the guide! How freaking cool is that!

storybrand framework guide

Quigon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and eventually Luke Skywalker!

Hell yeah!

You’ve been through all the struggles heroes go through and you’re now ready to show others to achieve the success you’ve had.

And how do Jedi’s show they’re the guide.

Not by talking about how great they are. Jedi’s are humble (except for that Anakin kid, and we all know what happened to him).

Jedi Masters show their authority in their skill (this can be your portfolio or press) and by stories from other Jedi about how amazing they are (think testimonials).

storybrand framework guide

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Part 4: Who Has a Plan

Okay, now I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Rey’s guide, in general, is The Force.

That’s because she’s being guided to harness it and The Force has a plan for her.

It starts in The Force Awakens when Rey hears Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber calling to her.

You even hear Obi Wan Kenobi’s voice say, “This is the first step.”

I mean come on- The Force even tells her it has a plan for her!

And that’s what all guides do- they set a road to victory for their hero.

storybrand framework plan

Step One: Pick up this lightsaber.

Step Two: Learn to use The Force.

Step Three: Defeat the First Order and Become a Jedi.

Notice how the plan is pretty straight forward and not too in-depth. It says nothing about traveling to Ahch-to to find Luke, to (maybe???) join forces with Kylo Ren, how she’ll need to move rocks.

storybrand framework plan

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Part 5: And Calls Them to Action

Once again, when Rey finds Luke’s lightsaber, we hear Kenobi saying, “This is the first step.”

He’s saying, “Yo, Rey! Pick up this lightsaber girl!”

Kenobi did not say, “Learn more about The Force here.”

He told her exactly what she had to do to get started on her path to becoming a Jedi.

That’s the call to action.

storybrand framework call to action

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Part 6: So They Can Achieve Success

There’s a lot that can come from Rey becoming a Jedi.

The First Order will be defeated.

She’ll find Luke Skywalker.

She’ll become a Jedi.

She’ll (maybe?) help Ben back from the Dark Side.

She’ll knows who she is and where she belongs.

She may even eventually find out where she comes from (‘cause I don’t buy Kylo’s story).

storybrand framework success

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Part 7: And Avoid Failure (The Most Overlooked Part of the StoryBrand Framework)

But it’s not all success.

If Rey doesn’t do what The Force wants it to do, all kinds of doom and gloom will reign down.

Supreme Leader Snoke would have won.

The First Order will keep destroying planets.

Her friends will continue to die (RIP Han).

And she will continue to be a nobody.

storybrand framework failure

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These seven marketing messages found in the StoryBrand Framework are key to connecting with clients and customers and increasing your sales. Invite people into a good story, their story, on your website and you’ll not only get people to take notice, your website will be your money-maker.

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